Whatever catches my eye.



HIATUS (I'll continue watching these on a whim, I guess.) : Giant (SBS), High Kick Through the Roof

NEXT ON THE LIST (next as in when I really dont know what to watch unfortunately TT___TT): School 2013, Full House 2, To The Beautiful You, Padam Padam, Bachelor's Vegetable Shop, Equator Man
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❝Instead of showing pain to be honest, laughing brightly and lying was more safe for that woman.❞
— Enrique, Flower Boy Next Door (via haeiro)
Another Time, The Same Sky - Joo Hee (8Eight)
❝On a rainy day, giving away the only umbrella you have, is to give your everything….isn’t it?
That’s how you really love someone.❞
— Han Jung Woo (via im-ready-to-bingo)

Queen In Hyun’s Man

one of the most beautiful dramas I’ve ever watched.
It was literally the most perfect blend of everything good in a drama—

I haven’t cried while watching romance dramas in a while, but the last few episodes had em BAWLING. TT_____TT 

now what do i do with the rest of my life~?~?~? D:

❝As long as you have the memories, you can be with that person forever.❞
— Lee Gak, Rooftop Prince
❝If the wind tickles your ears, it’s me calling your name. Try putting your hand out when the wind blows.. Whoooosh, the wind blows by doesn’t it? That’s me, tightly holding your hand. Don’t cry even if it hurts your eyes. I will always be by your side. Lee Su Yeon the invisible, will only be visible to Jung Woo.❞
Lee Su Yeon (diary)
❝The wind blows, I think of you.The wind blows in my eyes, I think of you. I run until I’m out of breath, I think of you. The street lamp flickers, I think of you. From the street lamp to home is 280 steps, I think of you.❞
— Su Yeon, Missing You
❝I’m not crying because I’m sad. It’s because the wind is blowing…❞
— Lee Su Yeon, Missing You

REPLY 1997 

❝Don’t smile in another man’s presence… Don’t even talk with another man. Don’t look at them, either. And don’t trust any man other than me. They’re all thieves, got it?❞
— Jo Minwoo, Giant (SBS)